One of the cleanest power plants in Europe
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The ELSTA plant consists of three gas-fired gas turbines with a maximum power of 123 MW and a steam turbine with a maximum power of 90 MW. The maximum total electrical power that can be generated is 460 MW.

The heat of the combustion gases is used to generate steam. Behind each gas turbine a heat recovery boiler with additional duct burners is installed generating 90 barg steam. The generated 90 bar steam is supplied to Dow. A part of the 90 bar steam flows through a steam turbine and / or pressure reducing valves reducing this steam to 35 bar steam. This 35 bar steam is also transported to Dow.

The additional duct burners of the boilers are used if more steam is required than produced by the boilers without duct firing. The maximum steam capacity of 90 barg and 35 barg steam is 850 ton / hour.

Dow Benelux uses almost the full steam production for its production processes and uses a part of the generated electricity.


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